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A ”hairy” good way to make extra money

Uncategorized July 29, 2013

When it comes to making extra money, many people overlook an opportunity right on top of their head, hair. There is a big demand for cut human hair. Cut hair is regularly bought and sold on an international online auction site at http://www.OnlineHairAffair.com. The demand for human hair comes from wig, hair extension, and doll manufacturers who pay top dollar for locks. There is no discrimination when it comes to buying hair, everything sells. Male, female, young, old, colored, virgin, long or short hair all has a good chance of selling on OnlineHairAffair.com.

Selling cut hair online is an effortless way to make extra money. College students and stay at home moms are frequent seller who cash in locks for extra money. There is also a seller’s option at Online Hair Affair to choose a wig manufacturing charity to receive the money from the sale and earn a tax write off. Selling cut locks online is also a great opportunity for hairdressers, who can work as the middleman to sell clients hair at an agreed on percent of the final auction price. The opportunity to allow clients to make money by selling their hair is what drew the founder of Online Hair Affair into the market. There is great opportunity for hairdressers to approach clients who are getting their hair cut and ask them about selling.

The site was created to help his clients earn extra money by selling their cut hair. “Throwing away cut hair, is like throwing away money”. http://www.OnlineHairAffair.com offers buyers and sellers the excitement and motivation of online bidding. Buyers are compelled to pay more for in demand hair and sellers can follow the bidding. The auction format creates a focused marketplace for interested buyers to bid and ensures hair is sold at the highest going price. Online Hair Affair creates a “must have” demand with real time posting of competing bids.

The OnlineHairAffair.com website is easy to use, with simple login and user instructions listed on the site and with no registration fees. There are also online tips on OnlineHairAffair.com to help guests sell their hair. The OnlineHairAffair.com website is safe and secure with all transactions processed through some of the most well known companies such as PayPal and western union. A detailed feedback system is also used to ensure the quality of bidders and sellers using the site.

Online Hair Affair has been open to serious buyers and sellers since April 2008. In its first two months there were 5,000 site hits and over 100 registered users signed up and now is topping the charts at over 4000 registered users and over 10,000 views a month. Most of the hair auctioned on http://www.OnlineHairAffair.com is bought and sold in the United States and Canada, but there is also an international demand for hair that the site fulfills.

So if you are looking to sell your hair or sell your hair online We highly recommend using a veteran in the hair selling industry, http://www.OnlineHairAffair.com the #1 one place to buy and sell hair online

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