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Healthy Virgin Black Hair with Natural Highlights

Healthy virgin black hair with no split ends, that has never been blow dried, straightened, curled, coloured, or permed. I […]

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brunette virgin healthy hair with red natural highlights

23-24 inches of wavy,strong,dark brown hair, completely virgin with red highlights whit the sunlight, never dyed.I take very good care […]

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Male hair, 8 inches long, black

Never dyed or colored. Hair color black, straight, close to 10 inches long. Willing to sell 6 inches.

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Virgin brunette hair

26″ of virgin, straight hair from healthy, non-smoker. Washed once/twice a week, air-dryed, no heat tools, no products used.Red highlights […]

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Brunette virgin hair with natural red highlights

23-24 inch naturally wavy and soft brown hair that glistens a light, but beautiful amount of red natural highlights once […]

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20+ inches virgin naturally curly red female hair

This naturally curly red hair has never been chemically treated or blown dry. It was prepared and cut by a […]

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Natural blonde hair

Thick and naturally straight. Gets frizzy in high humidity. I’ve never highlighted/dyed my hair and I don’t smoke or drink. […]

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Natural Gold Highlighted Brunette 14”

14 inches long, 3 inches diameter. Natural golden highlights in this brunette hair is absolutely gorgeous! Rarely blow dried or […]

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Brunette nice wavy hair. Easy to style. Never treated.

Im cutting my hair at the end of the month. Never dyed never treated. Brunette with copper undertones, wavy, easy […]

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Chestnut Hair, Golden Highlights, Wavy, Virgin

Chestnut Hair, Golden Highlights, Wavy, Virgin (never even used products or heat tools!). Male hair. 2 locks of 1″ thick […]

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