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China lawyer recounts torture beneath Xi's 'war on law
For Xie Yanyi it was not the actual physical abuse that was the hardest to endure - even though his record of the deliberate cruelties inflicted on him is lengthy.
He was retained in a tension place, crouched on a minimal stool, from 06:00 in the morning until 22:00 at night time.
After 15 days like this, he tells me, his legs went numb and he had trouble urinating.
At times he was denied food and was subjected to gruelling interrogations for "dozens of hours" on finish.
http://vidfox.net/ was overwhelmed.
And he was viewed although he slept, with his guards insisting that he held the exact same sleeping position all night.
But tougher to bear than all of this, Mr Xie insists, was the time put in in solitary confinement.
"I was kept alone in a small area and noticed no daylight for fifty percent a yr. I had nothing to read, practically nothing to do but to sit on that lower stool."
"Individuals could go mad in that scenario. I was isolated from the globe. This is torture - the isolation is a lot more unpleasant than getting overwhelmed."
Although not possible to confirm, his account tallies with other reports of the suffering endured under the so-referred to as "war on law", released throughout the Chinese Chief Xi Jinping's first five a long time in workplace.

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