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Great tips & tricks to help you sell your hair online!

Uncategorized April 7, 2013

We wanted to share a few tips & tricks on the best way to make a deal when selling your hair online. If you’re having trouble making a sale here are a few things we recommend doing.

When listing your item for sale do not set a “starting bid” higher than one dollar ($1). You can set a reserve price to make sure your item does not sell for less than what you would like to receive for it but, setting a starting bid too high can discourage buyers from bidding. Another good idea is to check out other ads that have bids on them. Check and compare your item with the ones that are being bid on and see if your length, color, thickness, and asking price line up with what the market is willing to pay. Sometimes we tend to think what we have for sale is worth a lot more than what the market will pay for it and these listings end up with no bids or sale. Picture this, you are at yard sale, the owners placed a sticker with a  “starting price” on each item for sale. Normally that buyer sees that price and will haggle and try to purchase the Item for less than what the sticker says. In a auction setting such as OnlineHairAffair.com if your asking price is too high a buyer cannot place a bid lower than that leaving the seller not knowing if anyone is interested because nobody is bidding .

We also recommend giving the best description you can about your hair. Buyers want to know how often you get a trim, what shampoo and conditioner you use, do you use styling tools on your hair, and how often. Any information you can share with others will better your chance of making a sale. Pictures are your best friend when trying to sell something. You need to ask yourself if you would purchase an item over $100 online site unseen. Even if the photo is not the best quality it is better than not having one at all. Having photos will also help in increasing your chance in making a sale.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, please contact us or comment below.

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