Selling your hair during the coronavirus quarantine

During these trying times it can be hard to make money while on quarantine but don’t let that distract you from what grows naturally, hair. Your hair is still worth money and could potentially help you to buy those sot after items such as toilet paper and water although, we would recommend using the extra money for something a little more exciting. 

We wanted to share with you that even though social distancing is a thing these days it still can be safe to buy and sell hair online and here’s how, After finding a buyer we recommend to anyone selling their hair that they leave their hair out in the open for at least 24 hours. After the hair has been left out wash your hands and place the hair into a zip lock bag and then into the box or envelope you plan on mailing it in. As for buyers when you receive any items from the mail we always want to take precautions so we recommend removing the bag from the the box or envelope and dumping the item on to a clean surface, wash your hands and then open the ziplock bag and dump the item out on to a new clean surface  to sit for another 24 hours before touching and then wash your hands again. After the 24 hour period we would wash the hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner just to make sure things are clean and safe however be very careful during this process as if the band or hair tie is loose the hair can fall out from the ponytail. Check the band or hair tie before washing the hair. We have to mention we are not doctors and there is still a lot of unknown about Covid-19 so always do what you feel is best for your health and safety when buying personal items  from another person. 

While you are reading this might we mention that you read our fraud protection blog post to keep you safe from scams and or PayPal fraud. 

Thank you for using to buy and sell hair online.