About Us

Welcome to Online Hair Affair

We are the first hair selling website of its kind and started this business in 2008. We are the number one hair sales site in the world. Our goal is to provide a place where quality hair providers can offer their hair in a way that gets the best price. We are here to help you showcase your hair in the best possible way, and to provide you with an opportunity for a safe and smooth transaction.

Using OnlineHairAffair with its unique listing format to sell your item provides you with the following benefits:

*Our site offers opportunities for both men and women to buy and sell hair, ranging from virgin hair, long hair, short hair, and even colored treated or highlighted hair.

* Online Hair Affair provides a venue for the serious buyers and sellers the opportunity to enter into binding contracts in order to buy and sell quality hair.

* Since only serious buyers and sellers are allowed to participate, you can rest assured that your transactions will proceed as planned.

*Online Hair Affair is a renowned and trusted site with thousands of users looking to buy hair to improve their image or even sell their hair off for cash.

Our mission is to provide both buyers and sellers of hair with the most user friendly, efficient, and profitable experience with excellent customer service!