The hair length measurement for sale from 15 to 19 inches from end to end.


Virgin Copper/Strawberry blonde

100% Virgin copper red hair. Fine texture and medium thickness. Never bleached, dyed, colored, permed, or heat treated. No one in the house smokes any […]
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Beautiful Virgin Hair

16 inches of beautiful auburn hair. Hair washed with shampoo/conditioner 2-3 times a week. Biosilk was used to keep my hair soft and silky. Naturally […]
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Curly Black Ponytail

Long black curly hair WILL HAVE SHORTER LENGTHS I HAD LAYERED HAIR!! I measured the inches while curly not straightened. I washed my hair about […]
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Golden brown thick hair

Just over 19inches soft golden hair, the density is 4inches. naturally ombré due to length and living in the sun. Never Dyed! A light wave […]
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