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19″ virgin light brown wavy hair with natural highlights

Over 19″ of very healthy, virgin hair. I don’t ever apply any heat to it and have never dyed it. […]

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13″ of Wavy Virgin Brunette Hair!

2 x 1″ thick lengths of unique brunette hair. Never died, but has a small natural blonde ribbon though it. […]

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Long Virgin Chestnut Hair

17-18in long, ~3.5in thick. Virgin hair, nonsmoker, no heat styling, healthy diet. Will be cut when payment is processed. Washed […]

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Dark blonde with natural highlights of blonde. 10 inch. Partially dyed blon...

Healthy silky hair. In ponytail. Coloured twice in my life with relative blonde colours. I have partially dyed them once […]

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17 Inches of Stunning Dark Blonde Virgin Hair

17 inches of Dark Blonde Virgin hair with natural highlights. Straight, thick, healthy hair and still retains its natural shine. […]

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Natural blonde partially dyed blonde

I have not blow dried or curled or straightened my hair regularly, in 30 years. I have dyed it only […]

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VIRGIN Golden Long Blonde Hair

– Golden/honey toned reflects – Thick curly/wavey hair – NO color treatment/dyes EVER – NO heat tools used EVER

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Long red hair

Prismatic healthy virgin red hair. Slightly wavy. Thick.

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Black Hair for Sale – India

Black hair for sale. Great condition. Never chemically treated. Always taken care of. Slightly wavy and hence is actually longer […]

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LONG Brunette VIRGIN Hair

18 inches of reddish brown hair. I wash regular and use chemical free shampoo. Naturally a little curly. It’s my […]

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