The hair length measurement for sale from 10 to 14 inches from end to end.


Extremely thick virgin auburn hair

Extremely thick auburn hair with several light highlights within. The colour of the hair Is very eye catching when out and about. The hair is […]
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100% Virgin Hair Ready to Cut ASAP

Thick (4 inches), long ( +14 inches), Chocolate (red based brown), wavy, virgin (never colored or processed with chemicals), NEVER heat-treated (air-dried only). I wash […]
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Virgin 13” auburn hair

13” virgin and healthy naturally straight hair. Hair has never been colored, permed or heat treated in any way. No styling products ever used. Hair […]
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14″ Virgin Black Asian Hair

Virgin black Asian hair; never used hair product such as dyes, hair spray, or chemical treatments other than standard shampoos and conditioners. Hair had been […]
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