The hair length measurement for sale from 20 inches or more from end to end.


Dark brown 22″ hair

Virgin long dark brown hair, chestnut in the sun. 21- 22″ long in braid. Washed every 2 – 3 days. Barely used any hair products […]
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Long virgin hair

Long thick hair. Never used bleach. Just used henna. Washed and conditioned twice or thrice a week. I take really good care of my hair.
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25” Curly Red Hair

Naturally curly, healthy, virgin red hair. Offering 23 inches when curly, pulled down, 25 inches. I don’t particularly like having short hair, but I can […]
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22″ Thick Gold Auburn Hair

My hair has been treated with love throughout the years. Its 100% virgin hair. I always air-dry it, I wash it twice a week with […]
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